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Why Swaddle?

Swaddling helps keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully. Our innovative design makes it easy to swaddle correctly for a great fit every time.

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Swaddling helps keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully. Our innovative design makes it easy to swaddle correctly for a great fit every time.

Why Swaddle?

Safe Sleeping Tips

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By two years of age, a child will have spent more time asleep than awake. A healthy amount of sleep is essential for babies as it directly impacts their mental and physical development, as well as happiness. Just as you ensure your baby has a safe play environment, it's important to establish a safe sleep environment. Proper sleep conditions will help your baby rest better, longer, and safer...so you can sleep better too.

- Sourced from the National Sleep Foundation

  • Place your baby on her back. Babies up to one year of age should always be placed on their backs while sleeping.
  • Make sure your baby sleeps on a firm surface. Cover a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. Clear the area of pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys.
  • Swaddle your baby. A swaddler not only eliminates blankets and loose fabric from the sleeping area, but also helps keep your baby safely on his/her back. Stop swaddling once your baby can roll on his/her side or stomach to prevent suffocation.
  • Ensure your baby is at a comfortable temperature. Keep his/her room slightly warmer during the day and cooler at night. Do not overdress your baby.
  • Verify that your baby's crib complies with current safety standards. Check to make sure your baby's crib isn't on the recall list by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov). Do not use a crib that is older than 10 years. Many older cribs may not meet current safety standards and can have a variety of problems.
  • Place crib in a safe spot. Distance cribs or playpens away from windows, window covering cords, and baby monitor cords to avoid strangulation hazards. The AAP recommends your baby sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed.

- Sourced from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Swaddle Instructions

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What is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden, unexplained death of a seemingly healthy infant younger than 1 year of age. The death usually occurs while the baby is asleep. Approximately 90% of SIDS deaths occur before 6 months of age, specifically between 2 and 4 months old. The cause of SIDS remains unknown. Though recent studies indicate there may be a biological predisposition that puts some babies at a higher risk.

Since the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) launched a nationwide safe sleep campaign in 1994, the incidence of SlDS has declined by more than 50%. Despite the successful campaign, SIDS is still the leading cause of death for infants less than a year of age, claiming the lives of approximately 2,000 babies a year. Help reduce your baby's risk of SIDS by taking precautionary measures.

- Sourced from the National SIDS Resource Center

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