Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the infant insert and how long do I need to use it?

Our Infant Inserts are designed so that you can safely carry your newborn baby from day one. The Ergobaby Infant Insert was designed for use with babies from newborn to age 4-6 months. It is designed to provide head and neck support and to ensure your newborn is correctly seated while in the Ergobaby Carrier. Once your baby can hold her/his head up for long periods of time and is comfortable with her/his hips in a splayed position, the use of the Infant Insert is no longer necessary. The Infant Insert is designed to grow with your baby.

  • The top rounded edge of the back and neck support padding can be folded outward to provide more padding and neck support for smaller infants.
  • The bottom pillow in the Infant Insert can be removed from the Insert and placed inside the carrier, with your baby sitting on top of it. This is for small babies who have strong and consistent head and neck control but are either too short to bend at the knees when seated in the Carrier or would like to be seated higher in the Carrier.
  • Use the back support cushion without the pillow for larger or taller babies who still need head and neck support.

All Ergobaby Infant Inserts can be used with any Ergobaby Carrier.

NOTE These two developmental occurrences do not always happen at the same time, but do take place between 4 and 6 months. Since babies grow and develop at different rates, monitor your newborn’s development to decide when she/he is ready for the transition.

What is the weight limit of the Ergobaby carrier?

Ergobaby recommends a weight limit of 45 pounds (20 Kilograms) for its carrier. Our carrier will accommodate you as long as you and your baby are happy using it.

At what age can I carry my baby in the back carry position?

Each parent and child is different but usually around 6 months you’re your baby will be ready to be carried on the back and parents are comfortable not having their baby in direct line of sight. People with larger babies who are more developed may choose to put their baby in the back carry position even earlier than 6 months especially for longer carry times since many parents find it more comfortable to wear heavy babies on their backs.

Read more about the benefits of the back carry here.

What is the difference between the Ergobaby Xtra Carrier and the Performance Carrier?

Fabric: The Ergobaby Xtra Carrier is made from a lightweight and soft poly-cotton blend material (35% cotton/65% polyester), while the Performance Carrier features a more durable exterior and mesh lining on the shoulder straps. Performance Carriers also have a moisture wicking lining.

Weight: Due to the difference in fabrics, the Ergobaby Xtra Carrier is about 1/3 lighter weight than the Ergobaby Performance, Original, or Organic Carriers.

Fit: The Xtra Carrier is the Flex Fit, which means that it fits a wide range of body sizes and is especially designed for larger frames. The Flex Fit has straight shoulder straps which makes it easier to use in the hip carry position. The Performance Carrier is the Active fit with a slightly larger waist belt than the Original and Organic and curved shoulder straps, which makes it especially comfortable for long adventures in the back carry position.

Waist Belt: Both Carriers have waist belts that extend to 55” but the Xtra has an extra 3” of padding, making it more comfortable for larger frames.

Shoulder Straps: The Ergobaby Xtra Carrier’s shoulder straps extend to 51”, which is 7” longer than the Performance Carrier.

Sleeping Hood: The Ergobaby Xtra Carrier’s sleeping hood is detachable. The Performance Carrier’s sleeping hood is attached, and stores in the zippered pocket. Both are UPF 50+.

Chest Strap: The Ergobaby Performance Carrier’s chest strap is on a slider, for easy adjusting. The Xtra Carrier’s chest strap has extra inches of adjustability, making it fit taller parents better.

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