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Not all baby wraps are created equal. Our ultra-breathable, unbelievably soft cotton provides your baby long lasting support and comfort with a perfect fit every time.

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The Difference is in the Material

Our baby wrap is a Hybrid Wrap. Hybrid Wraps combine the benefits of both woven and stretchy wraps because hybrids are strong, but also stretch due to the special material

The Ergobaby Wrap has a material difference. Made from our strong 4D Stretch™ material that flexes in four directions, the ultra-breathable, unbelievably soft cotton provides that essential close contact you and your baby crave in those first days and months.

The 4D Stretch™ material provides:

Ergobaby 4D Stretch Material - baby-wrap-carrier

The Perfect Fit:

The right amount of stretch hugs you & baby perfectly.

Long Lasting Support:

Doesn't sag throughout the day from baby's weight.

Exceptional Comfort:

Moves in every direction with you and your baby.

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